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Protect yourself against Internet scam or fraud!

Most of ads posted on aberstore are posted by honest people you trust. So you can do perfect business. Notwithstanding, it is advisable to follow these advices to prevent scam or fraud

Our advices

  • Only do business with people you can meet in person.
  • Never send money by bank deposit, transfer or other anonymous payment methods.
  • Do not send money or products abroad.
  • Do not accept checks.
  • Ask about who you're dealing with and confirm the name, address and telephone number.
  • Keep copies of all correspondence (emails, ads, letters, etc.) and details of the person.
  • If a deal seems too good to be true, there is every chance that it is a fraud or scam. Please Refrain.

Recognize attempted scam

  • The majority of scams have one or more of the above characteristics:
  • The person is abroad or traveling abroad.
  • The person refuses to meet you in person.
  • Payment is made through instant transfer or bank deposit.
  • The deal seems to be too good to be true.